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  1. No YouTube API keys required; No coding skills required; Instant preview. YouTube Channel Pro is a simple and powerful tool to add YouTube Channel video gallery to Joomla website in an easy and seamless way. With the YouTube Channel Pro for Joomla, you can effortlessly display any YouTube channel and videos directly on your Joomla site, providing a seamless and immersive experience for your audience and attract new sales.

    ⚡ No coding skills required
    ⚡ No YouTube API keys required
    ⚡ Instant preview

    YouTube Channel Pro is the best premium Joomla plugin to showcase YouTube Channel.

    Bring your Joomla website to life by incorporating the YouTube Channel Pro. Engage your audience with captivating video content seamlessly integrated into your site, creating a more interactive and compelling online experience.

    Elevate your online presence and keep your visitors entertained with this powerful Joomla extension designed for YouTube integration.

    Features List:

    • No YouTube API Keys required
    • No coding required
    • YouTube Channel Display: The extension allows you to showcase the YouTube channel on your Joomla website.
    • Customizable Layouts: Tailor the appearance of the YouTube channel display to seamlessly match your website's design and layout.
    • Video Gallery: Display YouTube Channel videos gallery anywhere on your Joomla site effortlessly.
    • Responsive Design: Ensure a consistent and visually appealing experience across devices.
    • User-Friendly Configuration: The extension comes with an intuitive control panel, allowing you to configure and customize the display settings without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
    • Seamless Integration: Enjoy a smooth integration process with the Joomla platform.

    Check out the demo page where you can try YouTube Channel Pro for yourself:

    The smartest business owners integrate YouTube videos into their business websites in order to take full advantage of all of the social media benefits provided by YouTube. Make the right choice, download YouTube Channel Pro for your website. YouTube Channel Pro is a customizable YouTube Channel widget that can easily display your YouTube Channel videos directly on any Joomla website. Download and install YouTube Channel Pro today.


    • English
    • Russian

    Design your YouTube Channel

    YouTube Channel Pro provides a great design customization of video wigets. Adjust layout columns, rows and mobile optimization. Customize videos display and the whole widget fast and easily. Even your grandmother can do!

    How to add YouTube Channel Pro plugin to Joomla website

    Adding YouTube Channel to website with our fantastic Joomla extension takes less than a minute. All you need to do is configure the settings of the widget and paste it to your website!
    - Purchase the extension at
    - Install the package to the admin panel
    - Choose your page and customize design
    - Copy-paste the short-code to the page or template where you want the reviews to be displayed


    Found it hard to embed YouTube Channel Pro to your website? Our Support Team is here to help! Read the info on and feel free to contact us!

  2. Inserting iframes is becoming more and more popular. However, for security reasons, some Joomla editors still limit this feature. Unlocking features is also difficult for new users. Embed iFrame will help you insert iframes/Youtube/Twitter into articles or modules more easily.

    Main features of the plugin:
    - Works on all versions of Joomla
    - Supports inserting YouTube Video, Twitter Feed, Twitter Post.
    - Supports embedding of allowed websites
    - Only load the embedded page when it's in the user's viewport. Therefore, your web loading speed will not be affected.
    - Supports proportional size format. It helps iframes (videos) display better on all devices.

  3. It is a simple module for Admin to switch between 'Dark' or 'Light' mode of the admin theme.
    Just follow the steps bellow.

    • Install the module
    • Go to Content > Administrator Module
    • Activate the 'MIP Darkmode Switch'. If you didn't see the module Add as a new.
    • Go to the module 'MIP Darkmode Switch' and set the 'Position' to 'status' and save it

    And thats it! You can now see a switch to toggle between Dark/Light mode at the top status bar.

  4. Introducing "Content Webhooks for Joomla" – a revolutionary plugin designed to seamlessly integrate real-time notifications into your Joomla website. This powerful tool is engineered for website administrators and developers seeking a robust solution to automate workflows and enhance content management processes.

    Key Features:

    • Real-Time Notifications: Automatically sends webhooks when articles are published or their status changes, ensuring immediate updates to external systems or services.
    • Flexible Configuration: Easily configure webhook URLs and request methods directly from the Joomla admin interface, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over how and where notifications are sent.
    • Comprehensive Data Payloads: Each webhook carries detailed information about the article, including title, link, category, tags, and full body content, providing a rich data set for external applications to react accordingly.
    • SEO-Friendly Article Links: Utilizes Joomla's routing system to generate SEO-friendly links to articles, ensuring that notifications include URLs that respect your site's SEO configurations.
    • Tag and Category Integration: Automatically includes article tags and category information in the webhook payload, offering a comprehensive overview of the article's classification.
    • Efficient Error Handling: Implements sophisticated logging and error handling, capturing and logging any issues encountered during the webhook sending process for easy troubleshooting.

    Use Cases:

    • Content Syndication: Automatically syndicate published content across multiple platforms or services in real time.
    • Social Media Integration: Trigger social media posts or updates directly from your Joomla site whenever new content is published.
    • External Backups: Ensure content is automatically backed up to external services upon publication.
    • Workflow Automation: Integrate with external workflow tools to trigger actions like content reviews, translations, or custom processing workflows.

    "Content Webhooks for Joomla" is the perfect solution for websites looking to automate interactions between their Joomla content management system and external applications. Whether you're looking to enhance content delivery, automate marketing processes, or integrate with third-party services, this plugin offers the flexibility and features needed to streamline your operations and keep your audience engaged with the latest content.

    Designed with ease of use in mind, this plugin requires minimal setup and is compatible with a wide range of external services and applications. Download "Content Webhooks for Joomla" today and unlock the full potential of your Joomla website through powerful, real-time integrations.

  5. This module, once published will display shortcut icons to HikaShop functions on the backend dashboard of your website.

    Easy and quick !
    1) Download the plugin on our website
    2) Install it on your Joomla website (extension manager)
    3) Configure the module
    See details, here on the documentation
    This pack is compatible with all the editions of HikaShop
    Compatible with all Joomla version

  6. A JoomShopping product slideshow module using the Swiper javascript library. To work, you need to install the WP Super plugin, or connect swiper.js manually by yourself. How to set up swiper.js see in the documentation.

    To work, you need to install the WT JSwiper plugin, or connect swiper.js manually by yourself. How to set up swiper.see js in the documentation.

    Module features

    3 module modes:

    • folder with images
    • A manually created set of images
    • JoomShopping products

    Image folder mode

    Specify the folder with pre-prepared and uploaded images located in the images folder. Specify the alt attribute that is common to all images. For each image, an image sequence number will be added to the alt attribute, so all alt attributes will be unique.

    To display the carousel of images, use the module output layout default or create your own.

    Manual image typing mode

    Use a repeatable form to create a set of images and change their order. For each image, specify your unique alt attribute manually.

    To display the carousel of images, use the module's output layout default or create your own.

    JoomShopping products

    The following types of product selections can be used for the JoomShopping product carousel:
    - New products
    - Products by id (specify the product id separated by a comma, do not put the last comma)
    - Top rating
    - Sales Leaders (bestsellers)
    - Products with the label
    - View Leaders (top hits)

    For all types of selection, except for the list of products by id, you can specify:
    - maximum number of products
    - JoomShopping product categories
    - JoomShopping product tags
    Intuitive product display settings have also been added, such as:
    - Show product tags?
    - Show an image of the product?
    - Show a short description of the product?
    - Show the price of the product?
    - Show the old price of the product?
    and so on.
    To operate the module in the JoomShopping product display mode, select the module output layout bs-5-card-joomshopping-products or create your own.

  7. The plugin fully integrated natively in Virtuemart and Joomla 3, Payplug allows you to receive payments on your store via Visa and Mastercard circuit with very low commissions.


    • This version is compatible with Virtuemart and Joomla 3.x
    • Easy installation, just activate the plugin and enter the Payplug API key (Live or Test).
    • Minimum and maximum amount configurable to view this form of payment.
    • You can set Fee per transaction and percent of the total amount.
    • Configurable status for Successful Transactions by deciding whether or not to notify the customer.
    • Set status for Failed Transactions by deciding whether or not to notify the customer.
    • Enter the text of the confirmation message.
  8. Insert Joomla contacts anywhere. Use {wt_contact_wf contact_id=XXXX tmpl=XXXX} where you need to insert a contact with your own layout. Create your own layouts in plugin's tmpl folder. It also shows a block of information about the author in Joomla articles.

    This plugin is needed to output information from the com_contact Joomla contacts component. For example, you have created a catalog of online courses on one of the e-commerce components or Joomla materials and you need to display information about the course teacher - You can use this plugin. The plugin allows you to display contact data with all standard fields, as well as data from user fields. To do this, create your own output layout in the tmpl folder of the plugin and specify it in the shortcode parameter.

    The package consists of two plugins:
    - Content plugin - processes shortcodes and displays information about the author in Joomla materials.
    - Editor button plugin - allows you to conveniently search and select contacts in the modal window and insert a shortcode with the selected output layout

    Information about the author of the article in Joomla

    The content plugin can also display a block of information about the author of the material in the article and in the category of materials. You can specify a separate layout for each output. Previously, separate plugins were distributed that added additional fields to the user's profile and output data from them. However, Joomla has a plugin that creates a contact when a user registers. Also, when creating a contact, you can specify the corresponding Joomla user. Joomla can also display the author of the material as a link and this will be a link to the author's profile in the componentContacts or a link to the website from the profile or an email from the contact's profile.

    The "Contacts" component allows you to specify a lot of information: address, phone numbers, email, position, photo (avatar), text "about yourself", etc. You can also add any number of custom fields to the component. But the standard Joomla plugin "Content Contact" will not allow you to display all this data.

    This plugin also solves this problem.

  9. Module for displaying a list of small HTML code blocks.

    The order in which the blocks are displayed and the published state of each block can be controlled.

    This can be easier to manage than putting all the HTML code into a custom module.

  10. Generate an automatic table of contents for your articles.

    DJ-TOC plugin is a feature for YOOtheme PRO, which allows you to generate the automatic table of contents in articles based on headers h1 to h6.

    It works perfectly for long texts, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc.

    You can easily customize the table of contents to suit your needs by applying the appropriate styles for each level. Additionally, each level can be assigned an icon.

    In the element settings, you can specify the height and colour of the progress bar.

    Similarly, for the header, there is the option to define its appearance.

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