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  • ✨ Revolutionary AI Translation for Joomla Websites! ✨ GPTranslate for Joomla is the revolutionary multilanguage solution to automatically translate your Joomla website thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT!
    Forget to manually translate your site using the Joomla multilanguage system? GPTranslate is the most powerful and easiest multilanguage solution that will do it for you!
    GPTranslate integrates with ChatGPT and Google AI to translate pages of your website and store translations in the database that can be edited, managed and improved to reach excellent results. It is capable of using the ChatGPT and Google APIs for Artificial Intelligence to provide natural and accurate translations like never seen before.

    🌍 Tired of manually translating your Joomla site?
    🌐 Meet GPTranslate - the ultimate multilanguage solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT!

    🔹 Say Goodbye to Manual Translations
    🔹 Hello to Effortless Multilanguage Management!

    💡 What is GPTranslate? 💡
    GPTranslate seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT and Google AI to automatically translate your Joomla website. The translations are stored in your database, allowing easy management, editing, and improvement to achieve outstanding results.

    🚀 Why Choose GPTranslate? 🚀

    AI-Powered Translations: Natural and accurate translations using the power of ChatGPT and Google AI.
    Cost-Effective: Save ChatGPT credits by storing translations in a database. Reuse existing translations instantly without repeated costs.
    Multilingual Mastery: Supports over 100 languages and even reads the page text aloud!
    🎉 Features That Make GPTranslate Stand Out: 🎉

    📌 ChatGPT Integration™
    Supports 'gpt3.5', 'gpt4', and 'gpt-4o' models (Requires a ChatGPT plan)

    📌 Google AI Integration™
    Free to use

    📌 Database Storage
    Save translations to optimize costs and refine text as needed

    📌 Manage Translations
    Easily add, delete, and edit each translated piece of text

    📌 Text Analysis
    Extract and translate every piece of text on a page

    📌 Multilanguage URLs
    Generate unique URLs for each language for better SEO

    📌 Joomla Native Integration
    Add missing languages to Joomla’s native multilanguage system

    📌 Auto-Translation
    Detects browser language for automatic translation

    📌 Text Reader
    Read page text aloud for an immersive experience

    📌 Multiple Layouts
    Display GPTranslate as a floating widget or standard Joomla module with multilanguage flags

    📌 Customizable Style
    Easily customize widget style through simple settings

    📌 GDPR compliance
    GPTranslate is cookie-free and compliant with privacy laws and GDPR, so there is no need to ask any consent to users

    🌐 Experience the Future of Website Translation with GPTranslate! 🌐

    👉 Get Started Today and Transform Your Joomla Site! 👈

    🔗 Visit Our Website for more information and to get GPTranslate now!

    ChatGPT requires an active plan, while Google AI is free to use. Thanks to the architecture of GPTranslate, you can save a significant number of ChatGPT credits. Indeed translations are performed only once and then stored in a database. If a translation for a given page already exists, it will be retrieved instantly without needing to perform the translation repeatedly.
    It supports more than 100 languages and adds the capability to read the page text aloud.

    GPTranslate functionalities include:
    ChatGPT integration™ for 'gpt3.5', 'gpt4, and 'gpt-4o' models (Requires ChatGPT plan)

    Google AI integration™ that is free to use

    Save translations to the database to save credits and to further process pieces of translated text. In this way it is possible to automate but also refine every single translated text like you have never done before

    Manage translations to add, delete and edit each single piece of text that has been translated on a page

    Text analysis: each piece of text in a page is extracted and translated into the desired language

    Multilanguage URLs: GPTranslate is capable to generated different URLs for each language to be indexed by search engines

    Integration with Joomla native multilanguage: GPTranslate can also add specific missing languages to those already manually translated using the Joomla native multilanguage system

    Auto-translation by detecting the browser language of visitors

    Text reader: it's also possible to read the page text aloud

    Multiple layouts: it's possible to display GPTranslate as a floating widget or as a standard Joomla module with multilanguage flags

    Customizable style: thanks to easy settings it's possible to customize the style of the widget

  • AutoMsg sends emails to registered users each time a new article is published.

    • it works in synchronous mode : published article => send emails
    • or asynchronous mode : send multiple articles once a day/a week/...,
    • it performs partial mailing : if your hoster limits the number of mails you can send in one hour for example, mailing process stops and a scheduled task sends the remaining mails in one or more runs.

    AutoMsg uses :
    - one user profile field
    - one scheduled task (asynchronous mode or partial mailing)
    - Joomla email templates

  • Send Anything To Telegram
    Supports Joomla 5x, J4x & J3x
    Send To Telegram Module is a powerful Module that enables you to seamlessly share content from your website directly to Telegram. With this module, you can effortlessly send text messages, images, and even entire web pages to your Telegram contacts or channels.

    Essential Notes:
    1. Super User Access: Ensure the module has Super User access for optimal functionality.
    2. Instructional Video: Before using the module, watch the instructional video to gain a thorough understanding of its features and usage.


  • School Management System for Joomla" is a Joomla extension designed for use on your school's Joomla website. It features three dashboard panels for students, teachers, and parents. You can manage students, teachers, and parents, as well as academic sections like years or sessions, departments, categories, shifts, classes, subjects, exams, and marks.Teachers have the option to manage attendance and exam marks for their classes and subjects. Students and parents are able to check attendance reports, exam result sheets, and payment invoices from their dashboards.

    Let's check out the features of our school management system.

    Student Administrator features:

    • Add/edit/delete/list students
    • View and print student profiles (Available for Pro)
    • Automatically generate ID cards (Available for Pro)
    • Automatically generate registration numbers
    • Set subjects for each student
    • Set academic information
    • Custom fields for personal information

    Student Dashboard Features

    • Display profile and academic information
    • Check attendance report
    • Check exam result sheet (Available for Pro)
    • Make payments for class or exam fees, etc.
    • Check invoices and print them out
    • Settings option for account information
    • Payment methods: Offline
    • Payment methods: Paypal (Available for Pro)

    Teacher Dashboard

    • Display personal and academic info
    • Manage daily attendance for students
    • Input exam marks for selected subjects (Available for Pro)
    • Make new payments
    • Review offline payments
    • Settings for personal and account info

    Parent Dashboard

    • Display Profile and Academic information
    • Check child's attendance report
    • Check child's exam result sheet (Available for Pro)
    • Make payments for class or exam fees, etc.
    • Check invoices and print them out
    • Setting option for account information
    • Payment methods: Offline
    • Payment methods: Paypal (Available for Pro)
  • CG Chat component add a chat room on your site, requiring no external server connection.

    • direct chat with other users, registered or not (depending on your parameters),
    • private messaging with other registered users,
    • messages history,
    • administrator : may **ban **users,
    • 2 display modes : default or dark.

    Version 1.4.0 introduces country check from user's IP Address using API, then you'll be able to display country flag and block countries .

    If you are a CG Secure user, you may use an additional plugin to block spammers before they reach CG Chat.

  • Using this plugin you can create multiple Hikashop shipping methods with additional criteria in addition to the built-in Hikashop restrictions.

    - Enhanced Postcode Handling
    Initially developed for use with United Kingdom postcodes it can also be used (or extended) to cater for other postcode formats. In some cases it maybe easier to configure than using built-in Hikashop postcode handling.

    Shipping can be blocked for specific postcodes (e.g. offshore islands).

    - Customer Selectable Delivery Dates
    Depending on the shipping methods available for a customer's postcode they can then select from a range of available delivery dates (including same day).
    Additional purchase required - see plghikashopbfdeliverydates.

    - Collection Locker Handling for selected delivery date
    Lockers and access codes can be manually entered or automatically generated.
    Additional purchase required - see plghikashopbfdeliverydateslocker.

    - Enhanced Price Restriction Handling
    If you have 8 delivery options each with 3 order value tiers then without this plugin you will have to configure 24 shipping methods. With this plugin you only need 8 shipping methods.

    - Order Item Product Shipping Method Restrictions
    Shipping methods can be restricted according to order item product categories.

  • JUX Content Timeline is a powerful and flexible Joomla module that transforms the way you present your content. It allows you to display your articles, and blog posts in a beautiful timeline format, either vertically or horizontally, providing an engaging and interactive experience for your audience.

    Multiple Layout Styles:

    With 7 distinct timeline styles, you can choose the layout that best fits your content and aesthetic preferences.

    Extensive Customization:

    Tailor every aspect of your timeline, including typography, font size, colors, spacing, and more, to perfectly match your site’s look and feel.

    Responsive Design:

    Your timeline will look stunning on any device, ensuring a seamless experience for users on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

    User-Friendly Interface:

    The intuitive module settings make it easy for anyone to create and manage timelines without needing any coding skills.

    Dynamic Content Loading:

    Efficiently load content dynamically as users scroll through the timeline, providing a smooth and fast browsing experience.

    Filter and Sort Options:

    This allows users to filter and sort content within the timeline, making it easier to find specific posts or events.

    SEO Friendly:

    Enhance your site's SEO with structured content that is easy for search engines to crawl and index.

    Cross-Browser Compatibility:

    Ensure your timeline looks and functions perfectly across all modern browsers.

    Easy Integration:

    Seamlessly integrates with your Joomla site, allowing you to add timelines to any page or article with ease.

    JUX Content Timeline is the perfect solution for webmasters and content creators looking to add a dynamic and visually appealing timeline to their Joomla site. Transform the way you present your content and captivate your audience with this versatile and feature-rich module.

  • Introducing our new Joomla extension for Membership Pro: Wheel of Fortune! This innovative and engaging tool is designed to captivate your customers and boost your sales by adding an element of excitement and chance to the shopping experience.

    Key Features:

    • Interactive Spin-to-Win: The Wheel of Fortune extension offers an enticing spin-to-win feature, where customers can spin a colorful, animated wheel to receive discount coupons and special offers.
    • Customizable Rewards: Tailor the rewards on the wheel to suit your promotional needs. Include various discount percentages and their probability in the draw.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The extension integrates seamlessly with Membership Pro, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both you and your customers.
    • Engagement and Retention: Encourage repeat visits and increased engagement by making your checkout site a fun and rewarding destination.
    • Responsive Design: Optimized for all devices, the Wheel of Fortune ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience whether your customers are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

    How It Works:

    • Setup: Easily configure the wheel's appearance, segments, and rewards from your Joomla admin panel
    • Engage: Customers visiting your site will be invited to spin the wheel for a chance to win exciting discounts
    • Redeem: Upon winning, customers receive a unique coupon code, which is applied automatically at checkout
    • Convert: Watch as the interactive and fun nature of the Wheel of Fortune increases your conversion rates and customer satisfaction


    • Increased Conversion Rates: The thrill of winning encourages more users to make a purchase using their discount coupons.
    • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Regular interaction with the Wheel of Fortune keeps customers coming back for more.
    • Improved User Experience: Adding a gamified element to your site makes shopping more enjoyable and memorable.

    The Wheel of Fortune extension for Membership Pro is the perfect tool to add a dynamic and rewarding element to your membership site. Transform the way you engage with your customers and watch your sales soar with this exciting new feature. Try it today and start spinning your way to success!

  • Protect your forms with a captcha : easy to setup, it contains multiple checks to stop the robots

    Mathematical check

    Ask your visitor to make a small calculation. As this is a visual check rendered by an image, a basic robot will not be able to read it

    Time check

    Setup the time you think your visitor shall spend before sending the form, if it is sent too fast, it's a robot

    Hidden field check

    This is a honeypot, no human will fill it, so if it is checked, it's a robot

    No hidden cost, you can use it as many time as you want.

  • DJ-HelpfulArticles is a free Joomla extension, compatible with Joomla 4 and Joomla 5.

    Created to boost user engagement, this intuitive tool enables readers to easily rate the usefulness of your articles with a single click. If website visitors find the content uninteresting or not helpful, they can leave comments for the site administrator, offering detailed feedback.

    The extension's backend provides statistics on all rated articles, giving you valuable insights into the performance of your content.

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