Latest Extensions

Latest Extensions

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  1. This Joomla 4 plugin adds versioning to modules like currently is present in the articles. This plugin works only with the core module system!

  2. The U Default Picture plugin is filling empty images fields with a fail-back image straight in the database at onContentBeforeSave event:
    - If the article's category have a defined image the that image image is used as fail-back image in article's images fields.
    - If the article's category does not have a fail-back image, a global, site-wide image is used as fallback image in article's images fields.
    And the fail-safe images fields settings from above can be combined or used separately, for Intro Image and Full Article Image, according with the quite self explanatory plugin settings.

    You know what is happening when missing images brake your templates layout. The modules that build your homepage are not having a fail-back image and you end up with broken blocks.
    Joomla! repository have a few plugins that fill empty article's images with fail-back images. But those are set up at onContentBeforeDisplay event. If the module is set to not call this event then those plugins are not instantiated becoming useless.

  3. OTP Verification using Custom Gateway for User registration.

    OTP (One time passcode) Verification Custom gateway plugin plugin verifies the Email Address/Mobile Number of users by sending verification code (OTP) using your gateway during registration through our Email verification and SMS verification features. This plugin removes the possibility of a user registering with a fake Email Address/Mobile Number or disposable emails. Additionally, this plugin gives you the freedom to decide how you want to verify your users, whether by phone, email, or both.
    You can visit our to learn more about OTP Verification plugin for users validation.

    Plugin Features
    • Email Address verification
    • Phone Number verification
    • Email Or Phone number verification
    • Email and Phone number verification.
    • Custom Registration Forms.
    • Multiple Languages support
    • Custom gateway support.

    Some Famous Forms Supported for OTP Over Email and SMS ( OTP ):

    • RS Forms
    • BreezingForms
    • visForms
    • Quix Form Builder
    • Convert Forms
    • Shack Forms
    • ChronoForms
    • Flexi Contact

    Joomla OTP Verification Plugin Add-ons:

    • Joomla Password Reset Over OTP:- Allows your users to reset their password using OTP instead of email links.

    • Register Using Only Phone Number:- Allows your users to register on your Joomla site using only their Phone Number instead of an email address.

    • Register Using OTP instead of Password:- Allows users to register using OTP instead of using Password. When users attempt to log in, they will be prompted to input an OTP rather than a password.

    • Bulk SMS And OTP:- This is an add-on which allows Admin to send Custom SMS and OTP Verification codes in bulk. Upload the CSV file or enter the numbers manually along with the SMS template that needs to be sent in bulk. Contact us at to know more.

    • Joomla SMS Notification to Admin & User on Registration:- Allows your site to send out custom SMS notifications to Customers and Administrators when a new user registers on your Joomla site.


    Verification of the user's Email Address/Mobile Number during registration is a must these days. With our plugin. You can use our gateways to send OTP over Email/SMS as well as any other custom gateway of your choice..
    * The choice to use your own SMS/SMTP Gateway.
    * Worldwide SMS Coverage.
    * Each Email is verified for its authenticity by miniOrange servers (If you are using our gateway).
    * Easy and hassle-free setup. You just need to choose your verification method and you are good to go.
    * World-Class Support by Email, Screen Share meeting
    * Our plugin easily plugs into your existing form to validate your user.


    After submitting the registration form, an email/SMS with an OTP is delivered to the user's specified email address/mobile number.
    The OTP is confirmed and the user is registered after it is entered.

    If you need any help with installing this plugin, please click here feel free to reach out to us on our 24*7 support or .

    Customized solutions and support options are available. You can Click to reach out to us.

    For more support or information you can email us on . You can also submit your query from the plugin’s configuration page.

  4. This Joomla plugin will speed up the indexing of the site, it automatically adds pages to Google. When creating or editing an article or category, the plugin will automatically send the page to Google for indexing.

    An important nuance, the new page will have the following /index.php/?option=com_content&view=article&id=1 jurl. It will not be added to the Google index in order not to create duplicates. It will automatically be added to the Google index when you create a menu item for it. The menu will show a notification that the page has been sent for indexing. When you edit an existing page, it is sent for reindexing after saving. You will see a corresponding notification in the site admin.
    This plugin works on the principle of set it and forget it, it is very convenient.


    Go to plugins, select this plugin, enable it, fill the field with the contents of the JSN file.

    Where to get this JSN file?

    To get JSN file
    Create a project in google cloud
    Activate your project (direct with the role of
    In the Google webmaster console add a new user
    Sequence of actions on screenshots.

    Google limit
    You can index 200 pages per day.

    Google has a field in the webmaster to send the page for re-indexing, but this does not speed up indexing. This plugin will protect you from stealing unique non-indexed articles. The page is sent to Google search immediately after creation, this will ensure top positions in Google search.

    This plugin can work with joomla 4 and above. If there are changes in the new version of joomla that are not compatible with the plugin, a new version of the plugin will be released.

  5. IWS.BY Floating Contact Button - Module for Joomla, which adds to the site floating button with a widget contacts.

    The module supports several types of communication:
    - Phone
    - Email
    - WhatsApp
    - Telegram
    - Viber

    Contacts can be created without limits. Publish multiple contacts with different numbers, emails, and Telegram logins.

    The main features of the module:
    - Customizable floating button.
    - There are 11 icons available.
    - 5 types of communication.
    - 3 widget designs: light, dark and custom.
    - Custom design will allow you to customize the design to your site.
    - You can set a boundary for the button.
    - 4 types of button animation: the button pulses, the button jumps, the button moves and the icon rotates.

  6. A Joomla extension allowing custom HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript to be injected into your site.

    For those who have their own needs, and need something a bit more customizable for your website, this module is perfect for you. Allowing all forms of code, you can add any type of customization into your website. Add custom fields, controllers, actions, in this one-in-all package that will suit any website's needs!

    The Wyld Custom Code comes equipped with:
    - Ease-of-use for all who have coding experience to easily inject custom code
    - Supports PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML - blocks separated for custom utility
    - Display anywhere on your website based on your needs
    - Allows multiple configurations
    - Highly optimized by experienced developers
    - ++ And More!

    WyldCode’s modules are always made with love, and our customer service is always available to assist with configuration. Come try out this module and make it an addition to your website today.

    Download (Free-registration)

    Subscription not required

    - Joomla 3.x or 4.x

    Version History
    - v1.0 - November 8, 2022

  7. It is an easy and tiny joomla module to create an animated counter that animates a numeric value from zero to a new one at a given speed. All of 80+ Beautiful Styles come with their own customization settings.


    ❖ Responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
    ❖ 80+ Design skins and supports ability to create new skins
    ❖ Add & Remove item from Back-end
    ❖ Lightweight, Fast and Robust
    ❖ Can specify delay, size, styles and many other parameters
    ❖ Comfortable to use multiple instances of the module on a page with module ID generated automatically
    ❖ SEO friendly & optimized for speed
    ❖ Unlimited Color and Styling options
    ❖ Easy and friendly administration
    ❖ Possibility to display module within article content using loadposition plugin
    ❖ Draggable items for easy sorting
    ❖ Highly customized for User Experience
    ❖ Used native JavaScript: No framework required
    ❖ Fully compatible: Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

  8. The module adds a News Ticker with which you can create Articles tickers with updates and news in every positions of your Joomla site. This module is especially useful for displaying news headlines in magazine and news websites. You can control and adjust the style of the bar from the admin panel.


    • Responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
    • You can use it to display News, Breaking News, Offers, Notice, Testimonials, Messages.
    • 3 Types: Slider, Typewrite, and Marquee
    • 25+ predefined Themes and Custom Styling Option.
    • Can specify speed, size, styles and many other parameters
    • Put Heading & News texts in any language.
    • Lightweight, Fast and Robust
    • Comfortable to use multiple instances of the module on a page with module ID generated automatically
    • SEO friendly & optimized for speed
    • Unlimited Color and Styling options
    • Easy and friendly administration
    • Possibility to display module within article content using loadposition plugin
    • Ability to use articles from joomla content categories or articles ID’s
    • Supports auto-play mode
    • Used native JavaScript: No framework required
    • Fully compatible: Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
  9. A simple way to build REST style services within Joomla. Restful is a plugin that provides the basic logic. To build a service, you create a plugin in the folder "restful". Your plugin can specify multiple combinations of operations (such as GET, POST, DELETE) and URIs (such as /restful/object). The Restful plugin triggers your plugin(s) with the event onRestfulPaths. Your plugin can then provide the service itself, or invoke your component to provide the service. The Restful plugin provides useful services to carry out HTTP Basic Authorization, with the option to check whether the user belongs to specified group(s). With the Restful plugin in place, you can quickly and easily build new services. A sample service plugin is also available for download in the same location as the Restful plugin. Please see the documentation link for more information.

  10. The Joomla system places padlocks next to an item to indicate that a user is currently editing the item (i.e. the item is "checked out"). If the user never clicks "Save" or "Close" and instead hits the "Back" button or navigates to another page, then the item remains locked.

    This task-plugin automatically checks in all articles that are checked out longer than you defined. and with the PRO version you can also check in categories, modules, tasks, plugins, etc.